You Never Know

loved abstract

So I paint something special every Christmas for my family and friends. I usually try to think of something about their lives that I can paint about.  However my painting style of choice is Abstract and I have been rather reluctant to share abstract paintings because so many people struggle to understand that the beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.  People always ask “what is it”.  This year I took the plunge and painted original abstract paintings and to my surprise everyone seemed to really like them. It was exciting to listen to them describe what they saw.  It seemed that my fears were unwarranted.

I have noticed that some believers fail to share their faith with others because they are  afraid there will be a negative response.  The truth is, most people are like my family and friends, they appreciate the effort of giving them something special.  What can be more special than sharing potential life changing information with family and friends? They might just respond in a positive way. You never know.


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