A Story Told.


My very first painting was a cross. It was easy to do, I just stuck a two inch brush in a bucket of brown house paint I had in the garage and slapped it on a cheap canvas panel I had purchased from Hobby Lobby. It was rough and rugged looking but something was missing. I dug around in the garage until I found some red paint (I have no idea why I had red paint in my garage) but with a couple of flings on that rugged cross I had a finished product.

I displayed it on the wall at the storefront church Ellen and I planted in Topeka KS. Then one day my young grandson Michael commented, “granddaddy that cross looks like it’s got blood all over it.”  This revelation gave me the perfect opportunity to tell him about how Jesus Christ had shed his blood on a cross so that he could have everlasting life.

Every work of art has a story worth telling, something that causes the viewer to stop and think. So the next time you see a painting, a photograph or a sculpture take a moment to see if you can hear the story being told.. it might just be life changing.

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