“What Inspires you?”

"His House"

Many years ago I started painting, but had no idea what I wanted to paint, nor did I have  any understanding of different painting styles. I just thought painting was painting.  So I bought some paints at the art store and found some old shelving in the garage. I wanted to paint something that meant a lot to me and would send a message to others.  Since I at that time had spent multiple years in a Church related vocation I thought what better subject to paint than a church.

The church has always been in the center of what I do. Well actually Jesus Christ has been the center and His church has been the platform that has allowed me to follow what I believed what His will for my life.

Now that I’m “retired”… kinda, I am painting a lot more and have found a particular style that I prefer to paint.  But I still see  Jesus as being the center of what I do.  The church or “His House” is still that platform that allows me to follow what I believe Jesus would have me do.

What about you? What inspires you to do what you do?

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