“Without Him”

Looking out the studio window.

As I sat looking out The Studio window in late afternoon watching the sun go down, I discovered something. I discovered those small things that make artists set up and take notice. In my small backyard were thousands upon thousands of small minute pictures just waiting to be drawn or painted. I saw the buds of the chestnut tree and the red birds chasing the squirrels away from the bird feeder. I saw the chipmunk run under the privacy fence and dog stick her nose under that same fence following it’s smell. I noticed the half full bird feeder and new patch of grass bursting through the soil in search of sunlight. Shadows everywhere, more then I could possibly count.

The thought came to me that if it were not for the shadows, shapes, sizes and sounds of nature, artist would have no idea what paint. All of God’s creation shouts motivation, beauty and love to an otherwise dull lifeless world.

Makes no difference if you are an painter, singer, poet or just another human being who enjoys life, you still live under the influence of the creator of the universe, Almighty God. With out Him we would do and are nothing.

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